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Edenz Hydro has two locations, one right off of I-75 on West 14 Mile in Madison Heights, MI and another store in Lapeer, MI. We have been featured on CBS News Watch, Bezinga, The First, Marijuana Passion and more. We are the most covered Hydroponics store in Michigan. Edenz Hydro is the one store that the other hydroponics call on when they run out of stock! In fact, we are the most visible site on the web and we are authorized dealers for Sunlight Supply, Hydro Farms, CAP, and R&M. When you walk into our shop you will be floored with our collection of nutrients, growing materials, soils, rain barrels, fans, grow lights, growing tents, and our vast selection of hydroponics books and magazines. At Edenz, we know the game of Hydroponics inside and out. No matter if you grow hydroponics for fun, food, or profit you are going to love EDENZ HYDRO. We Take Hydroponics As Seriously As YOU DO and you will Find Over A Quarter Of A Million Dollars Of INVENTORY!!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the great hydroponics gardening supplies found at Edenz Hydro. We donít want you to get confused. Come down to our Madison Heights location and ask any one of our knowledgeable staff members on how to start your own hydroponics masterpiece. Our trained staff can tell you how to hook up a growing table, prepare the perfect growing light set up, and how to make sure you are getting the best set up for your budget. Gardening indoors with soil and hydroponics is one of the fastest growing, (no pun intended) industries in southeastern Michigan. It is easy, affordable and you can create an abundant harvest of high end nutritional produce in the privacy of your own home. We have sales and specials every month! New shipments are coming in daily. We have all your favorite Hydroponics Nutrients in stock! Edenz Hydro has the best of the best hydroponics systems and hydroponics nutrients. You do not have to be a hydroponics growing expert to appreciate Edenz Hydro. We can help you with your indoor garden no matter if you are a seasoned expert or a novice.

Looking to get the best growing supplies for medicinal marijuana, hydroponic vegetable gardening? We have it all here under one roof and we are conveniently located in Metro Detroit. Come see why we are the hydroponic specialists! Stop in for a tour of our store and get the inside story about hydroponics gardening for yourself. We are noted for being THE BEST hydroponics gardening supply store in Michigan - we carry all of the popular hydroponics products in the industry including -- Happy Frog soil, Bud Factor X, hydroplex, revive, final phase, and aqua shield!

Get hydroponic supplies for inside growing, hydroponic systems for growing fresh produce with grow tents, hydroponics lights for indoor growing, the real inside scoop on the hottest selling hydroponics supplies, and see why we truly are the BEST hydroponics gardening supply store in Michigan!

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