Get The Latest Copy of Rosebud at Edenz Hydro.

Madison Heights


Come On Down For The ULTIMATE Hydroponics Experience At Edenz Hydro

Edenz Hydro (Madison Heights) is actually in a shopping mall right next to Carribou Coffee and a tanning store. You will see the big MELLOW YELLOW EDENZ HYDRO MOBILE parked out front with our logo on it. There is plenty of parking out in the parking lot.

** You will also see an Outback Steakhouse in the parking lot. Then you will know that you are in the right area.

Come on in - we're servicing Imlay City, Almont, North Branch, Columbiaville, Metamora, Hadley, Oxford, Mayville, Dryden, Goodrich, Davison, Elba.... We have the latest hydroponic gardening supplies to service your needs from CAP, R&M, Sunlight, Advanced Nutrients, Happy Frog, Ocean Forreset, Humboldt and more....

Unlike some stores that make you order from a catalog you can walk out with anything in our catalog - THE SAME DAY - we have it stocked and ready to go. This includes our Raptor lights, 6 Gallon Bud Candy nutrients and a whole lot more -- make the drive and check us out!

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